for 2017: God’s grace

The end of the calendar year is upon us, another full cycle of the earth around the sun. Every year is notable in some ways, and for our family, there were new challenges. And when we look at the world, regardless of one’s perspective, 2016 was challenging, with new problems looming on the horizon for 2017. For those who have studied history, they would surely say something like, “Welcome to the real world!”

What perhaps God has been impressing on me during the past year or several months is the importance of God’os grace. To really understand it better, and most importantly to live in it more. Of course in Jesus, we are fully in God’s grace. But our appreciation of that is according to our capacity through faith. Which includes both quantity and quality. How much we are open to it, and what other things we let in which may distract us from it, and even make us fall short of it (Hebrews).

Grace simply defined, as I mean it here, from scripture is God’s favor, which we humans neither earn (old term, merit) nor deserve. It is at the heart of the gospel, God’s good news for humans and for all creation in Jesus. We might call it God’s unfailing love (see John 1:14, 17; NLT).

Although, especially with a little digging, I can say relatively a lot on God’s grace, the kind of knowledge I want to grow in is on the experiential side, getting more and more settled into that grace that is ours in Jesus. Along with others in Jesus for his sake, and for the gospel.