why I write

This might be a good Monday post since not many of us look forward to the end of the weekend, and the beginning of a new week. I know one person who likes Mondays, says it’s his favorite day of the week.

Also, I don’t really like talking about myself, but a lady who is an excellent writer encouraged me to go that direction years back, so here and there, and sprinkled in different places, I do. And the Bible’s authors at certain points do it as well.

As I told someone recently, I write because I’m a writer. I seem somehow to be in my element when I write. And I write of faith, because that is where I live. So that if I’m struggling there, it makes it harder for me to write. I often write something then related to that struggle.

I write mainly for my own benefit, it ends up being. But I want to share something that might help someone else. Over the years people have come and gone who read this blog. Some posts here might have helped them for a time before they moved on.

I started this blog because a blogger friend who I respect as a Christian suggested that I ought to. By and by I began to blog daily, because back at that time when blogs were hot it was said that daily was the best way to do a blog to have readers. Now it’s probably more out of habit that I do so.

I am reminded of the thought that we’re to do what brings us joy, and what brings down heaven. I work at a ministry (Our Daily Bread Ministries) which has a lot of great writers. I don’t aspire to be better, nor necessarily to even measure up to any of them. But the kind of writing I do, and what is done where I work (the factory end for me) I think is similar.

I will say that to share struggle and aspects of life which are difficult is quite biblical. We see such thoughts and themes all throughout the Bible, because real life is being lived and reflected on.

So why am I likely to continue writing as long as I can? Mainly because I’m a writer, that’s what I do. And one who wants to share their faith in the hopes it might help someone else. As I think through life, and what I actually do believe. For me, all of this in and through Jesus.


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