finishing well

Are we there at the end? No matter what happened midway, or even at the beginning. Someone may have had a great start in their faith, with seemingly endless possibilities. Yet somehow or another didn’t take hold of the help they needed, and stumbled badly midway. And it may have taken some time to recover, and get over. It could be any number of things. The point is that one did not continue well in their faith, and suffered loss as a result, which probably in some way or another has impact the rest of their life.

There’s a lot involved in finishing well; look at the entire Bible. But at the heart of it for us in Jesus, is the fact that we are in Jesus, usually in scripture: “in Christ.” That we have the promise of God’s faithful work in our lives to be completed when Jesus returns (Philippians 1:6). Too often though, we look at that as if it’s automatic. God is faithful for sure, and we often are not. But the context in that Philippians passage makes it clear that this is contingent upon us. Paul was referring to those who had become partners with him in the gospel. At least their lives being a witness to the gospel’s truth, impact and power.

We need the will and determination to keep going after this no matter what. Knowing we can only do so in Christ Jesus in God’s will with the Spirit’s help. So that in the end, we’ll be there along with many others. Finishing well. Maybe beaten up and bloodied, or just plain sore. But there, in and through Jesus.