politics and the gospel

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed—a righteousness that is by faith from first to last,[b] just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”[c]

Romans 1:16-17

We have a rule at work that we’re not supposed to discuss politics there. Maybe that’s good, given all the heat nowadays.

I do think the politics of this world has its place, and that there ought to be civil discussions by those engaged in it. I know politics today seems to be in a crisis, with democracy taking a back hand to more of an authoritarian approach. There is so much involved in all of this, in the United States where I live, the whole question of the Constitution, and whether or not it has failed, or not been given its place to succeed. If you start going in depth into the entire discussion and more, you’ll find that it’s essentially mind boggling, or at least having no more authority than what a bunch of diverse intellectuals can muster.

But now to down to earth, in our face, day to day politics. We have a friend who is seeking to get on the state ballot as a candidate concerned primarily with education. We applaud her and her efforts. I would like to add, I think it’s strange, the money required for her to get on the ballot. Everything seems so money driven nowadays. These kinds of efforts can be helpful, addressing real problems and needs with better solutions.

I think and feel strongly about some things, but usually with the sense of realization that we’re at the mercy of a power which seems to have its ways both in our face, and usually more subtly, and finds its way systemically from our hearts into institutions. That’s the power of sin. We don’t care about this or that, because of what we really care about. Or we ignore certain things, because they may or may not be problems, and after all, they’re other people’s problems, not our own.

Paul gets to what we need as Christians, the one thing we can hang our hats on and be devoted to day in and day out, regardless of the mess in the world: the gospel. It is about Christ, and God’s saving righteousness in and through him, through Christ’s death and resurrection, through which sin is dealt with, and something of God’s vision for us and for the world given to us in scripture can begin to take root in people now, especially in Christ’s body, the church. The gospel can be the unifying point in which people of diverse thinking can settle, and find what is just and right, and therefore good. That begins in our own hearts, and right where we live, and goes out from there. Which is why Christians have often been persecuted, and still are in parts of the world, as well as marginalized.

There is one good news in the world worth living and dying for, and only one. The other areas in which people serve can be quite good in their place, and we need to honor them, particularly those who give of themselves in service for others, and who put their lives at risk in doing so. That has its place too.

But we in Christ take our stand completely on the good news in him. While we may take lesser stands, which are provisional for time and place, we know the gospel cuts across all our differences, and gets to the heart of things. It addresses the power of sin. In pointing us to Jesus himself, and God’s grace and kingdom present and to come in him. Hopefully shedding light on the darkness now present through changed hearts and lives. In the church, and out into the world. In and through Jesus.

6 comments on “politics and the gospel

  1. It very complex. Today politics are most evil. Many evils validate the end times while exposing the anatomy of today”s politics. Interesting post.❤

    • Thanks. Paul lived in what was called “the end times,” as well. Yes. The politics of the world surely always has had that problem. We need to see that, for sure.

      • You are so right. But I am referring to the time (modern/technological end times) imminent of Christ’s 2nd coming. Yes these Now times are very similar to the times when Christ was born and when he was crucified. Basically politics and evil have broadened as they are constant companions. As combined powers, they are overthrowing the world, weakening man more and more while winning souls for hell.

      • Good point. It is amazing to know the pervasive evil at work throughout history, all of these times. And with the gospel of Christ now a factor in the world, the spirit of antichrist is also present, some time to be let loose more just ahead of the final judgment to come. That’s basically the way I see it. Regardless of advances made, sin is in place, and tends to grow exponentially. Thankfully God’s grace is at work in different ways in the world as well, and in a saving way through the gospel.

      • It has been very nice dialoguing with you. What a horrifying yet interesting time to live in. I am waiting on the Lord prayerfully, sharing the gospel as best I can, while witnessing the unfolding of events. Have a blessed and fantastic week!!❤

  2. I do not know if this is applicable, but here’s my 2 cents. I think, if Christians take the idea of being “ambassadors of Christ” and “ambassadors of God’s Kingdom” seriously, then a lot of things would have been sorted out. Tackling institutionalised sins may be tough, but if Christians who are called into institutions rises and voted for bills that resembles how things will be like in heaven (or God’s will), then the power of God’s kingdom on earth will be truly amazing.

    Having the mindset of ambassadors of Christ, we wouldn’t be bothered about how things are like on earth. Rather, we will be very much into kingdom causes. And when it comes to politics, it meant political decisions that reflects the will of God “on earth as it is in heaven”.

    Just my humble two cents. 😊

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