being who we actually are

2 Corinthians is a masterpiece at showing us that Christianity is never meant to be a put on, but rather it is about us in all of our humanity, just as we are, with its weakness, “jars of clay” (4:7), which God values and is truly made valuable to the world by God through Christ. Christians following Christ are the most real people in the world. We come as we are, we seek to follow as we are, never something put on. When we pretend we’re something that we’re not, we’re not following Christ, or living by faith in God and God’s word.

We in Christ not only live through Christ and his death and resurrection, but we live in Christ and in his death and resurrection. We know by experience something of both in this life. It is in our weakness, not in our strength that Christ’s power is made perfect.

This is not what we might expect so that we might find it both counterintuitive and uncomfortable. But actually it ought to be an encouragement since only God can change us, and in ways that we often might not anticipate and expect. Like Christ no less, and in the way of Christ. Through and through, who we’re actually becoming. In and through him.