living in the present

It’s so easy to slip into the habit of living for the weekend, or for the next holiday or vacation, and to hate living in the muddle of the present. But that’s where God meets us, in the present with all of its challenges, and even rough and tumble.

It’s not like there’s no special places where we get not only needed rest, but have times where we seek to draw near to God. Yes, we need such times, and indeed do look forward to them.

But we need to embrace the moment now, instead of wishing for something different, or waiting for the time to pass. This should become a habit of life, so that as has been said, we’re fully present, even when that involves waiting on God for God’s answer and working. We don’t exist in the past or future, but only the present, where we’re at now. And we do so looking to God and for God’s help. In and through Jesus.