a need for today: wisdom

The beginning of wisdom is this: Geta]”>[a] wisdom.
Though it cost all you have,b]”>[b] get understanding.

Proverbs 4:7

When I look at my own life, hopefully prayerfully in the light of God’s word with God’s help, I see growth only by God’s grace of course, over the years, but I also see deficiency and the need for more wisdom. And when I consider society today, specifically in the context of American politics, I see a lack of wisdom all too often, and too often I’ve been part of that.

Wisdom is basically knowing what is best to do and not do. It is for all aspects of life, for life itself. It begins with the fear of God, and involves accepting God’s embrace of love in Christ at the cross. We can live in God’s wisdom only in and through Christ, who himself is wisdom to us from God. We have to read all of Scripture in light of that. But still we have to see each part as well as we can within its own context.

In this passage in Proverbs (click above link for entire chapter, the subtitle in the NIV being “Get Wisdom at Any Cost”) the importance of wisdom and along with basics are shared. We have to go back and back again to passages like this, and let its truth soak in and change our priorities.

The decision to receive and essential ongoing follow through in walking in the way of wisdom God gives us will be life changing. It’s a decision which means a new direction for us in life. The clearer that is to us, and the more intentional, the better off we’ll be, and the more true success from God we’ll find.

Of course we won’t be perfect in this pursuit, and will stumble along the way. But that should make us all the more determined by God’s grace to continue to move in this direction. Wisdom is what we need, and what God wants to give to us. In and through Jesus.