deliberate in step with the Spirit

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Galatians 5:25

It is easy to get out of step from the Spirit of God. All we have to do is what comes naturally to us, what is of the flesh. For us who are followers of Christ this becomes a bit complicated, not as straightforward. Although depending on where everyone is at on their spiritual journey, we can’t say it’s not complicated for others. But Scripture says people are either in the flesh or in the Spirit depending on whether or not their faith is in Christ. Paul’s letters make that clear. And yet those who are in the Spirit can fall into practices of the flesh. As Paul says, quoted above: “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.”

I find oftentimes that I have to slow down and gather my thoughts. My thoughts can be disheveled, scattered here and there. When I do that what comes to the fore is something of a settledness on quiet and on what’s essential to Christ-followers. All the sudden it’s like there’s a gradual God meeting time again. I find this especially to be true when meeting with other believers. Or at least we can know more easily then that God was with us, that God was in that place, even though we may not have recognized it at the time. In Paul’s account here, he’s talking about life in community. We are meant to do this together. But much of life is lived more or less in solitude. The fruit of the Spirit doesn’t make much sense in solitude, and see the rest of the passage (click above link). But even when alone we need to hold on to what is good not only for ourselves, but for others. In prayer, our thoughts and attitudes, what we can do. As well as accepting needed rest and quiet.

This is like a dance so to speak. I find for myself that I often need to slow down, maybe even stop, but just consciously think of not trying to do too much, just one thing at a time. Doing what I need to, what I have to do. I find God helps me there. For us by ourselves as well as with others. In and through Jesus.