tell it to the Lord

Over and over in the psalms you see the psalmists speaking to themselves and to God. And we know the psalms aren’t always nice. The psalmist is pouring out his/her heart to God, telling God their troubles and their unvarnished thoughts and feelings in the struggle.

We need humans no doubt, to speak with, listen to, and sometimes receive counsel from. Sometimes we might even need a special professional counselor to help us along the way, be it a psychologist or psychiatrist. There should never be an ounce of shame in that.

But do we realize we can talk to the Lord? To the Father through the Son by the Spirit. To Jesus or the Father. Even to the Spirit, though in Scripture the Spirit seems to help us in prayer. Let him know about it all? Bring every detail of life, all our thoughts to him? Do we really believe that? As Christians we might pay lip service to it, say, “Yeah, that’s true.” But isn’t it all too rarely practiced? At least I can ask that to myself looking at my own life, and say sadly, “Yes.”

Tell it to the Lord. It doesn’t matter what it is, tell it to him. Jesus will listen, give us that sense that he is indeed listening. And we’ll get the help in our spirits that we need. To carry on hopefully better. To keep learning wisdom. Which means to learn more and more to follow the way of Jesus. Tell it all to him.