follow the Spirit’s leading

Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.

Galatians 5:25

Acts is an interesting book in unfolding something of the history of the early church following the Spirit’s leading. This is both for individuals and for the church at large. Acts is traditionally referred to as the Acts of the Apostles, but is sometimes called the Acts of the Holy Spirit, which makes a valid point. What good the apostles and early church did was always through the Spirit.

In this passage in Galatians (click above link), what is being referred to here is the fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace, etc., as opposed to the works of the flesh. Oftentimes we’ve isolated the Spirit’s leading into something like what specifically we should do during the course of a day, week, month, year. What we many times call God’s leading. And that’s perfectly good, even important to ask God to help us in finding a specific job, a good spouse to share life with, a useful life for others.

What Paul was getting at in the leading of the Spirit was not just some personal inventory like whether or not I’m having clean thoughts, am satisfied with what I have instead of wanting more, etc., etc. The concern at hand is how we’re living in relationship to each other. Does love inform and form that? Or do we live in both self-destructive and unloving, unedifying ways in which we’re failing to love our neighbors as ourselves?

The Spirit’s leading is more about relationships with people than anything else. Or at least we can gather that from reading this passage in Galatians. Certainly including the good news of God for all, beginning with ourselves. In and through Jesus.