knowing one’s self

I was trying to find Scripture possibly from Proverbs which brings out the point I’d like to make in this post, but can’t think of or find anything at the moment. But I think the importance of knowing ourselves resonates with Scripture and life. It’s important for us to understand our limitations, as well as appreciate our strengths.

We may not be able to do what we would like to do. We might not be able to see what we’d like to see, even what we really ought to see. But we need to settle in well with what God has given us and be faithful in that. If we do, God will give us more, or at least that’s what Scripture seems to indicate to me, though actually I have a hard time seeing it in my own life. At least God might give us a stronger ability to do well in what we do, in the calling we have. At any rate, it’s important for us to understand ourselves as we seek to be faithful. In and through Jesus.