wisdom breaking through

You desire truth in the inward being;
therefore teach me wisdom in my secret heart.

Psalm 51:6

There is a kind of direct wisdom God wants to give us aside from Scripture. Those who can receive it are surely regularly in Scripture as a rule. And the information and formation from Scripture figure into this. And there may be some who are limited in their access to Scripture. This wisdom is taught directly from God in one’s “secret heart” as the psalmist puts it here.

Usually such wisdom is learned in the crush, even cruciformity of life. It is not something abstract, that we can just tuck away into our heads simply to know. No, it’s about life and for life, right on the ground where we live. And again it meets us in areas where we haven’t been wise, or where we especially are in need of wisdom.

It has a character about it that is strikingly different than the run of the mill, off the wall wisdom we have. That is not easy to define, but some characteristics give some clues. If one is in a hurry, in a near panic, then that’s a sign we’re thinking to act on our own wisdom. But if there’s a settledness which accompanies it, with not necessarily all the answers, but at the heart of it, a trust in God, that’s a sign that we’re beginning to receive the needed wisdom from God.

Something I can be much too slow at, but which I’m working on and learning. In and through Jesus.