yes, trials of any kind

My brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of any kind, consider it nothing but joy…

James 1:2

Just the day before yesterday I shared how focusing on this one verse helped me. I think the main focus for me at the time was considering the trial nothing but joy. As always happens, whatever new ground one gains will be challenged. So I was confronted with something else that was bothersome, so I went back to this passage, and this time I dwelt on trials of any kind. Regardless of what it is, that I’m to consider that nothing but joy, again of course taking in the context (click James 1:2 link above for full passage).

Again, we can’t stop just at this one part, but need to consider the entire passage. Why we’re to consider just any trial nothing but joy. But again we do well to stop and get it down well that we’re not just talking about some trials, but any trial at all.

Some trials are certainly worse than others. But when the devil’s in the details, even the small stuff seems large, in our face, blocking everything else, including God’s peace. So we need to do what James tells us here. And add to that the prayer for specially needed wisdom. All of this is good. And for our good in the world with its challenges we regularly face.

In and through Jesus.

One comment on “yes, trials of any kind

  1. It amazes me how God uses our trials to mold us into the image of his Son. I guess that’s the reason why we are to consider it joy.

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