turning bad into good

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28; NRSVue

It’s inevitable in life that we’ll make some mistakes along the way which we regret. Some are far worse than others, even grievous sin included, and often it’s hard for us to let go of such. Yes, we know in Christ that we are forgiven. What I’m thinking of in this post are actually mistakes that are less than sin, but perhaps become sin for us because we can’t let them go. Or perhaps they reveal something about us that is coming to the surface.

We are told in Scripture that all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to God’s purpose. Since that’s the case, we should seek to find that good out of whatever might be happening, whatever we might be facing in our lives. There is plenty that’s challenging, and not good in itself, things that can seem quite threatening to us.

Whether or not we can discern something of what God is doing in any given difficult situation, we can at least take the same mindset and seek to bring good out of the bad, figuring out what we can learn out of it, and what we can do. I know some people will say that we don’t have to, indeed that we should not do anything. That all has already been done. And I think I understand their point: that we’re to rest in God’s love for all in Christ. But I would tell them, yes, but true faith becomes active. That faith without works is dead. That in James’s words, we’re not justified by faith alone, but by works. And I would add that oftentimes God wants us to be participants in what God is doing. But that’s getting into another subject, even if it speaks into the current issue.

All I’m saying is that no matter what we may be facing, whatever bad it is, we need to somehow seek to find whatever good might come out of it. To turn the bad on its head. To make a setback, oftentimes what might seem seriously so, into an advance. To develop that mentality, that attitude toward life.

Of course, doing all of this in prayer. With some creative, imaginative thought hopefully helped by God’s Spirit. Perhaps landing on a text in Scripture and a promise in Jesus that hitherto we’ve not taken seriously enough (example: Matthew 11:28-30).

At any rate, in a world in which we’ll face many difficulties and sometimes situations where something bad is involved, we need to develop this mindset, this heart and attitude. That no matter what, come what may, we’re going to be looking for the good that can come out of it. Since all things, no matter what somehow work together for good. In and through Jesus.

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