review of Karen Zacharias’ “Hero Mama” or “after the flag has been folded”

Also entitled, After the Flag Has Been Folded with the slightly altered subtitle: A Daughter Remembers the Father She Lost to War–and the Mother Who Held Her Family Together,  Hero Mama is a hard hitting, yet every day kind of memoir by Karen Spears Zacharias, who unflinchingly tells her story and the story of her family in […]

review of Karly’s story, *A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder*, by Karen Spears Zacharias

A Silence of Mockingbirds: The Memoir of a Murder Karen Spears Zacharias has written another memoir, a page turner, which tells it as it is, bare knuckles and all. It brings home the growing problem of child abuse and neglect. And it does so through the story involving people she knows. Here in America, a […]

reading up

We live in a society glued to our smart phones, and though I have yet to own a smart phone, I can be glued to my tablet, as well. There are avid readers, particularly it seems to me of fictional novels, finding many good stories from creative, interesting writers. But beyond that, I’m not so […]

loving your enemies

Jesus tells us, indeed commands us to love our enemies. This is a hard saying, one of Jesus’ hard sayings. It is especially hard, when a friend, even a brother or sister in Jesus breaks relationship with you and refuses reconciliation, contrary again to the command of Christ. I’ve heard over and over again that […]