I seek to be a follower of Jesus in the Jesus community. When we by faith receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, we also become members of his community in mission to and for the world.

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  1. Ken Evans. says:

    Amen Ted.Its Ken Evans from Liverpool,England.

  2. Bob says:

    Hi Ted,
    I hope things are going well with you? Remember me, we met a few times in GR over coffee. I found out somewhere on your blog that you have moved away from Anglicism. Didn’t you attend the ACNA in downtown GR or was it an Anglican Mission church. I was interested in that expression of Faith, I might try that one out for a few times. I’m still on the journey from Evangelicalism to something more Traditional. I’ve been at the Episcopal Church by my house for about three years and now am drawn towards Eastern Orthodoxy, over the last couple of years. This particular TEC was very much into Same Sex marriage I lean more in the middle with that issue,maybe Civil union but not marriage yet…anyway. Have you looked into Orthodoxy? There seems to be a nice one that I have visited there on East Paris, not too far from Baker Books. I know like you I struggle with Tradition equal with Scripture and that the Church is where Scripture came from. E-mail my at rsp at escocompany dot com.
    Blessings Bob

    • Thanks, Bob. I didn’t really move away from Anglicanism, but we are trying to help our grandchildren by getting them into a church with a good children’s program. So we found an evangelical megachurch not far from where our daughter lives, which meets that need. I have many thoughts on it, but at least for now, we’re happy to be concentrating on helping our family. And I’m pleasantly surprised over what I’m finding as to the church’s ministry of the gospel.

      I have much respect for the Great Tradition, and have been at the Eastern Orthodox church you mention, and found the Good Friday service there (over three hours) beautiful, and memorable. It would be good for us to meet again over coffee and talk about this sometime. Thanks for your comment.

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