an attitude check

I am thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness. Yesterday was a comedy of problems which in the end still did not work out exactly right with reference to what actually ought to be a rather minor house repair, so that I’m only done for now. I was frustrated to the nth degree, and was not what I should have been. No matter what, I want to stay the course in the way of the Lord. An attitude check, indeed.

Instead of practically speaking, calling down curses on a situation, I need to take problems immediately to the Lord and commit my way to him. Yes, in all my weakness, and at times even sin. Not that we can imagine we can be sinless in this life. We need to be aware more than anything else of our need of God’s grace. That grace both forgives, restores, and actually is our only hope of living in a way that is pleasing to the Lord.

And so hopefully, I’ll learn from this if nothing more, my need to seek to continue to draw near and walk closely with the Lord, no matter what the situation.  It is easy to become despondent and lose heart. But it is God in his faithfulness to us in Jesus who keeps us keeping on. Together with others in Jesus for the world.

projecting on others

How we look at others and how we perceive others look at us is important. We’re to love God first, and then love our neighbor as ourselves. But we can heap on others what we would never want to receive ourselves. Or we can be misjudged and ridiculed by others.

I have found that when I know I am disliked and judged that I tend to struggle to not see myself in that way when around such people. On the other hand when I am accepted and loved for who I am, with my foibles and sins, I seem more open to God’s grace to receive forgiveness and accept his view of me in Jesus as his beloved.

There is no doubt that we struggle in this life in our attitudes at times. To identify the problem, they say, is half the battle, and there is truth in that.

Where we err is when we make any final judgments on others, as if somehow we are a cut above them. We ordinarily do this from a distance; we don’t really know the person. And even if we try to get close enough to understand them better, we do well to be slow in thinking we really know them.

Do we see others, including those we have a hard time liking, as loved by God? It is hard when we know that they don’t really know us. But there is a tendency in many of us to live down to what others think of us, instead of living up to what God thinks of us through Jesus.

We live according to what we think. Our focus is to be on Jesus, and in Jesus we’re to be becoming like him. That is especially true, together, in other words we’re to be growing up together in community in Jesus.

We need to ask God to help us see others with the Lord’s eyes, seeing ourselves in the same way. So that we can be people of grace and truth for each other, and for the world, people who are becoming more and more like Jesus.