Lent and the breaking of old habits and establishing of new

Lent is a season of preparation for Easter. And the emphasis during Lent is on repentance and sacrifice. If you’re serious about Lent, then you should be serious about following the Lord in the way of the cross, even somehow becoming like him in his death. Except of course we need ongoing forgiveness of sins and mortification, the putting to death of the flesh or sinful nature. So that our following of our Lord, while akin to him in some ways, is more in terms of what it means for a disciple to follow him as did his disciples of old.

Lent therefore can be a precursor or season to facilitate change in our lives. Helping us break old habits and establish new ones.

After Lent on the church calendar is Easter season toward Ascension day, then Pentecost and something like normal or regular time. Each season has its place in keeping the gospel front and center, keeping us grounded in that through prayer and the reading of scripture. It is good to have a 40 day period we call Lent in which we look to the cross, to our Lord’s journey to Jerusalem with his disciples following, to his suffering and death and what that means for us in our salvation, not only forgiveness, but change and a new way of life in the newness of life that Jesus brings.