the bad days

Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.

Ephesians 6:10-20

There are good days and pretty good days, not bad, and then there are the bad days, hopefully not too many. Actually the passage quoted above may well be referring to the time in which we live, simply because we face the onslaught of the enemy. I know there are plenty of believers in Christ nowadays who chalk up the notion of the devil and demons to simply evil in general. When you consider everything, there’s something going on which defies an easy dismissal or explanation. Which is why in a world which denies truth, the word evil is still used, pointing, I think to something more beyond the relativism so prevalent. And to our personal lives, some days there seems to be an uncanny sense of an ongoing struggle and darkness at work, which casts a shadow on all that is good, so that we have trouble seeing the good. The Apostle Paul (click the link above) had no difficulty describing precisely what he believed is going on.

Scripture is rich with many places in which the person of faith is struggling, and all but left for dead in their mind, even with a sense of being abandoned by God. See especially the psalms to find plenty of that, and elsewhere.

As we’ve said before, and it is worth repeating, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. To know the problem, and what one faces is half the battle. The rest of it is to take up what God gives us in Christ and the gospel, and learn to stand in the midst of it all. Interpreting the spiritual warfare passage linked above as something for this present evil time when evil is so prevalent and active in the world is probably the best explanation, or sense of the passage. The thought the NIV gets across, that there may especially be a day that is evil, is also appropriate. But even with the NIV rendering, we are told to always be ready, so that everyday we are learning to live in the mighty strength of God, taking up the armor of God in and through Christ and the gospel.

Every day has a certain struggle to it, but bad days do come. And they go. And in the midst of it all, we need to remember the resources provided for us. And approach it as those who not only can face evil, but resist it. Knowing in the end it will someday be done away with forever. In the meantime we can be prepared for the day of evil in and through Jesus.


satanic opposition

We don’t do well to downplay or write off the reality and danger of the satan. Actually, those of us in Christ particularly, won’t go very long until we experience something of it, a force and spirit, indeed personality (although steeped in an evil which nearly cancels, denigrates or changes that personhood), at work in the world in subtle and not so subtle ways.

This spirit in scripture is called Satan, that old serpent (of the garden in Genesis) the devil. Satan means adversary or opposer, while the devil seems related to slanderer. The devil is hell bent on the destruction of humankind, those made in God’s image, even standing in opposition against God. Of course the devil is only a creature and no match whatsoever for God, indeed owing his very existence to God.

It seems from scripture that the devil may well have been created as an angel, who somehow became enamored with itself, and lured other angels (perhaps one-third of them) to join it in its rebellion against God. Those angels would comprise the demons which are active and often cast out of humans by Jesus and his followers in the New Testament.

The whole world lies in the power of the evil one, that is, the devil. For the most part, this is a rather friendly alliance, even while the intent on the devil’s part is nothing less than malicious. The world, the flesh, and the devil has been called “the unholy trinity,” and does seem clearly from scripture and in experience, in league with each other. Getting on in life in the way and ways of the world is part and parcel of the devil’s ploy. We remember the devil showing Jesus all the kingdoms of this world and their glory, and offering them to Jesus if the devil would receive Jesus’ worship. Of course Jesus rebuked it with the words, “It is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God, and him only, shall you serve.'” The world appeals to the flesh, the sinfulness and weakness of fallen humanity. In fact the world and the flesh go hand in glove with the devil fueling the fire. Some of the time the result is indeed ugly and spirits are evident, especially in societies which believe in their existence. But by and large where we live, in the west, they are well hidden, indeed part of the fabric of society, and what problems might surface because of them is chalked up to naturalist explanations, such as mental illness, or social ills, etc. Such matters are indeed important, and deserve careful consideration on their own part. But the spirit at work in the world needs to be unmasked and indeed cast out. That is done only in and through Christ.

Ephesians 6 mentions “the evil day,” which may refer in some respects at least to this present era. But in context, it may refer to especially troubling days and times. While we in Jesus need to be strong in the Lord, putting on the armor of God, we do so, so that when the evil day comes we may be able to stand our ground, and having done everything, to stand. Of course that is not easy, and no fun, in fact quite uncomfortable at times. We may seem weak, but we stand with the strength and armor that is ours- in Christ. When I experience those days (thankfully, as a rule, not that often, although maybe in some respects we face something of this every day), I am rather amazed at all the other days, or that there is not more of this. Only God’s grace and power in Jesus protects us from that, I would think. I remember Paul’s words, “The Lord will deliver me from every evil attack, and bring me safely into his eternal kingdom.”

Satanic opposition is not merely something about us, about “me.” But we must get a handle on it, and learn to cope with it, and more than that, to learn how we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Of course in a spiritual warfare, not physical. This is not only about us, but about the world God so loved and sent his Son to redeem. Our world and the world at large, both with reference to people and systems. God’s kingdom come in Jesus factors into everything, even while its base is from God’s people in Jesus, the church. Not to say that God isn’t at work in the world in all kinds of ways beyond that. But to say that in some mysterious sense, through the church, God’s manifold wisdom is being made known to the rulers and authorities of this world. And it’s through Christ, his death and resurrection. We proclaim that and live that out in this life. Only “in Christ”(King Jesus) and all that means do we both triumph and bring light into the darkness, goodness into what at its core not good.

This satanic opposition is ongoing, but our victory in Christ is ongoing, as well. By the Spirit in the way of the cross, the way of death and resurrection.

continuing on

Sometimes life seems to consist of simply putting one foot in front of the other and continuing to move. There are some jobs, especially one, I have at work where a key to me is simply to keep moving, doing something pertaining to it, so that I stay on top of it with some relative ease. There are those days when I feel blah, when I am doing what I am doing because I have to. Ordinarily at work the adrenaline kicks in enough (the caffeine, too, I suppose) that I get in the groove there. But there are those times when life in general seems cumbersome and uphill. And then there’s “the evil day.” Some say that’s throughout this time when we’re in continuing warfare against the world, the flesh and the devil. Probably some truth there, but I see it in terms of those days here and there, hopefully not often, when all hell, or at least a small part of it seems arrayed and pitted against us. When so much doesn’t seem to be working, and we don’t seem to be working all that well, either. Or when life itself seems to have not only passed us by, but has wounded us, perhaps even mortally in a sense, in the process.

There is no way around it, life will present all kinds of challenges along with pitfalls surrounding them. This all ends up being, and we could well say is a challenge to our faith, directly or indirectly. That is why we must learn to rest in the Faithful One, God. And learn to live well by faith in him, in his promises. As well as to know from that, his immediate presence, power and help by the Spirit, yes in all our weakness, we could say, especially in our weakness. To live in his daily provision. As our days are, so shall our strength be. God will give us all we need to fulfill his calling to us, to do his will. Together in Jesus in this for the world.