pleasing people versus faithfulness to Christ

Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.

Galatians 1:10

Like most everything in life, this subject is complicated. Paul, quoted above also said in another place that he sought to please everyone in every way in not offending them over disputable, secondary matters, and in becoming what they were so as to win as many as possible to Christ through the gospel (1 Corinthians 9).

My point with this post this morning is that I really prefer to be liked by everyone, but since I realize it’s a given that I’m not, it seems like I have nothing to lose by making a controversial statement or two. Instead I would prefer to find common ground, and dwell there, and say nothing controversial at all. And if I do challenge anything, simply to ask questions rather than make assertions, so as to keep the door open with the other person, and actually learn from them, since no one’s perspective or knowledege is complete.

But when it comes to the gospel, even though we know in part, that is where we live by faith. And there’s no compromise with reference to the gospel and the truth as it is in Jesus. So that we gently, lovingly, and prayerfully should be witnesses not to how we’ve got everything together, or even how our lives have been changed, but witnesses to the truth of the gospel itself. Yes, in sharing the difference that good news has made in our lives, but first and foremost talking to others about Jesus, who is the good news along with all the truth about him, and that surrounds him.

Paul, in the passage above (click to see context) was taking a strong stand, willing to offend at that moment, because the very gospel was at stake. The faith of believers, of a church was being undermined, in danger of becoming null and void. And so Paul was pulling the fire alarm, pulling out the stops, but doing so wisely, in that great book, Galatians.

Where he does seek to please everyone in every way in 1 Corinthians is a different context altogether, as he’s beginning to defend his apostleship, and more fundamentally the gospel he was set apart for and sent to proclaim. Both are about the gospel.

May I suggest that we as Christians ought to tread more lightly on other things, and take our stand for the gospel, the good news in Jesus. Anything that is tied to God’s will in scripture is important or worthy in the proper place, time, and way to take a stand for. But the one thing we should live and if need be die for is the good news, the gospel of God in and through Jesus. With the goal of winning others to Jesus through this good news, and helping them become established so as to grow in their faith in that.

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